Wednesday, October 20


Is my blog really as depressing as I think it is? Do I even talk about possitives anymore? It is hard when you dont see many possitives in the day. Ive got sassy pants, and then crazy monkey boy, busy hubbsie, and finally sleepy sweet baby Q(the possitive part of this post). Other than trying to speak quietly around baby cakes, I feel like majority of my day is a not so quiet sort of holler(I dont want to call myself out on yelling) .

these 2 rugrats HAVE to be everywhere littles and I are.

this is called "everytime she eats" face. i can just hear a satisfied gurgle goin on!

at least they love eachother and dont hate!

But tell me its a boy thing, or a 2.5 year old thing, or anything but a boots thing. Tell me he will grow of it and not always give me this much stress in my life. HE IS CRAZY and I feel like he is finding more and more to get into and to make a mess of, or be sneaky about every day, every minute actually.
Im telling you, today it was a toothpaste suckdown rerun, empty and line up the hemmerhoid pads, and then the regular messy kid stuff. there is always something with him.Aside from getting frusterated with him all the time, there is something super silly he has been into lately. Justin Bieber. He loves him. He loves to hear him, see him, and dance along with him. He requests him and can sing along to almost all his songs. This obsession would be kinda sad and sick, except that Brian and I are equally as into him! Yes he is 16 and has crazily popular hair, but we love him. He is really talented! Laugh all you want, but he really is talented. So its true, I "heart" JB.

I hate always making my blog about my kids, and me, and me and my kids... kinda boring. But obvioulsy that is kinda my life.
Right now there is more going on though, We have the Rangers. This is bigger than me. This is bigger than you. This is huge! They have never made it into the post season EVER. They killed the first round and now they are in the second series against the Yankees. As I type, we are watching the game. If they win they will go to the World Series and THIS is going to happen, I feel it. This is going to be awesome. They are our team! It would really be radical if they went all the way and won it all. AHH! So Go Rangers!!


Ryan and Meagan said...

Vent away. Do not feel bad about venting about life! Sometimes I feel like my blog world is the only place where I can vent. Ryan reads it anyways so he's like..."I read your blog..." what's going on. hahashaha ummm I just hate venting and laying it all on him when I KNOW he's had a tough day at school and that's the LAST thing he wants to hear. But, he says he wants to hear it. Sooo I do 2-3 days out of the week vent to him, then 2-3 days on the blog. It works lol

Um, Courtney? You make me baby HUNGRY!

aidanjordan said...

Courtney looks like she's getting tall! Love her!

Though I have not been a life-long Rangers fan, we've def been cheering them on since we moved here. It is very exciting! It's your version of the Saints going to the Superbowl! (P.S. I think they lost on purpose tonight so that they could clinch it on home turf!)

Cichy's said...

I also heart Justin Bieber! haha And so does Dave! Who cares what other people think right? haha Courtney is SO cute and you are doing an amazing job with 3 little munckins, can't be easy!

Heather said...

Hang in there. Your crazy monkey is probably worse because of baby sister and he is just trying to get your attention. I'm not sure it is a phase, but just put everything on lock down and be really firm with him. 2.5 is a hard age! Your baby girl is so cute! She seems to have a little look of Libby's girls, I can see some similarities!

Alysha said...

I love that Boots is into Beiber ahaha too funny. And your kids are ADORABLE!!

Meagan M said...

I love the reality of your blog. You never sugar coat anything...which makes me feel like my gong show of a life is more normal than it feels.

So...I ahve a little destructo in my house too. Hailey is sassy like nat, but she's still generally pretty good. Then there's Paige - she gets into EVERYTHING!! There are things in this house that Hailey didn't even know existed until Paige came along and taught her her mischevious ways. Paige gets into and destroys everything...diaper cream, toothpaste, vaseline, my tampon stash, teh flour, sugar, shoes...and on and on and on.

I think it's the role of the 2nd child. I hope it eventually passes. But know you're not alone.