Sunday, October 3

nasty mess

Life with 3 under the age of 3 is a mess. My house is messy, my kids are messy, and worst of all is that I am messy. I am lucky to shower at all, let alone get dressed... if I can do it before noon, THAT is a good day.

To top it all off, we have been potty training boots now for 2 months. He is doing really well, but occasionally (a lot lately) he has accidents, fills the toilet with the whole role of toilet paper, gets the "mess" all over the bathroom and the seat and sometimes his room. He needs a full bath, or a wipe down of his whole body.

At night when the kids are "trying" to go to sleep (another post all on its own) we have to watch him on the monitor, because usually about 20-30 into falling asleep he takes his pants off and his undies and doesn't come out. So IF we notice that he is half naked we have to go in and take him to the bathroom. That is him saying that he needs to pee. I think he is just too scared to come out from all the threats he gets for getting out of bed. poor kid. But poor mom/dad when we find him half naked in the middle of the night wet in his bed. ok moving on...
Today I felt like all I dealt with was poop and puke. (baby puke of course, but still - yuck). I did get the bathroom cleaned, the floors vacuumed, and showered every day this weekend. YEAH for me.

A few pics from the last little while. We have been getting all set for Halloween around here. Making bat cutouts, which hats, etc. I love these kids.

Above, that is how Courtney ALWAYS is. Well 90% of the time. KNOCKED OUT.
This is just an idea of how potty time goes around here, I am never surprised what I am going to walk into... Nice which hat Nat.
And finally... I got bangs. I haven't had full bangs since I was in elementary school, grade 6 to be exact I think. I still can see my awful grade 6 pictures in my head. UG! But I like to think that my bangs have been upgraded and I can actually do my hair now!
I am growing my hair out, and cant cut it for another year as per a bet me and Libby made, but I needed a change... alas the bang. I love them though.
The girls. Please ignore newborn face who always looks out of it!
Also to go along with getting Halloween/fall ready is the smells right? I love these leafy, Cinnamon, yummy smells. You cant burn these candles any month of the year, but sep-dec you can burn away. So I love the way they smell. Unfortunately, my husband is probably the pickiest person I know about smells. He hates the smells of the fall. He always wants fruity burning up the house. The other day he walked in the house and said "Oh, did I just walk into Hobby Lobby?" haha funny bri, it smells good. Get over it. But seriously, who doesn't like fall smells? Strange Man.
So I am excited, Courtney is now 3 weeks old! At her 2 week appointment this last week, our goal was to get back to her birth weight... she passed it and was 9 lbs 8 oz. (birth was 9 4) Anyway, proud of that girl eating so well and growing so good! She also has been sleeping pretty good. the last 3 nights I have gotten one night of 8 straight hours, one night of two 4/5 hour stretches, and then a night of 2 4 hours stretches. Ah, I feel rested today! Way to go Court!
I also went for my first walk this week since baby and the sad part is, I got sore! This week I am starting up working out again and next week I am starting up my running again. I CANT WAIT! I have missed it so bad. Not that I CANT run while preg, I just dont. I dont workout at all. I wish I did, but I dont. So I am really looking forward to getting back into it this week. I think next week I will also start P90X again too. OH, Whats this whole thing about ZUMBA? Is it good? If you know about it/do it, fill me in on this. Should I do it? Is it worth it?
This weekend was a fun one though, we of course had another wonderful General Conference to watch and learn and be edified from, then we also had Brian's high school 10 year reunion. We went to dinner at Kobe steak, yum, then the Homecoming game for his old high school, although there were more activities, we only attended this. It was fun to meet a handfull of his old friends. The most exciting part though was going to a TEXAS high school football game. these are so much fun! I am excited that my kids are going to be able to grow up and have so many opportunities to participate in fun things and activities growing up!
Anyway, here goes another messy nasty week of poop and puke. Lets hope it gets a little easier than last week!


Cichy's said...

Your bangs look SO good! Seriously, I love them!! Cute cute kiddos, you are doing amazing for 3 under 3! Way to go!

BrittanyB said...

Love your bangs! I can't believe you are already talking about starting p90x. . . aren't you supposed to wait till your 6 week re-check?!

aidanjordan said...

L-O-V-E the bangs! You totally look like Leah Michele with them.

I am sure things will get easier as you get more into a rhythm with 3. Come over to my house anytime before 4 pm and you will usually find me still in pj's. It's ok though. At least they are comfy. ;)

Meagan Cooper said...

Jeni, You look so fab, (as always) Your new bangs totally fit you! I love them. Your little babes are all so cute! I miss you lots!

emblair said...

Okay, your bangs are totally cute. But when is your hair NOT totally cute?! You can pull off anything!! Some of us are not that lucky ;)

Alicia said...

You do look adorable with your bangs.
About the Zumba, it's fun and gets your heart pumpin'. 24hr has classes, so give it a try!!

Chi-townRawlins said...

go check my blog! you received an award! :)

Becca said...

so i said it once and i'll say it again, I approve of the bangs! haha. are you growing the rest of your hair out?

Alysha said...

love the bangs! hot stuff!! I can't believe you're potty training. I guess i should get on it...
And I hear ya on the whole showering thing. If my kids didn't get up so early I'd probably get to do it more often... oh well.