Sunday, October 24

Holy Canolli

My baby girl, well not my baby baby, but my first baby is 4. FASTEST 4 years ever!! Last weekend was her birthday and we had a great day celebrating. Our Friends John and Emma came in town for the weekend and so Friday we took the whole day to celebrate Nat-a-tat.
The day started out with a special delivery for Natalie. The delivery man even specifically asked for her and she was SO thrilled to get her own cookie bouquet delivery with a ton of balloons!! Thanks Nana and Grandad for the cookies that I ate, almost entirely by myself. I mean a 4 year old cant eat that many cookies!
McDonald's for Lunch. These play places are sick and crawling with germs. No wonder we all got sick that weekend. But the kids had fun.
In this area there are these very strange black birds. They hang out in hundreds, if not thousands all over the place. Chris and Natalie (in orange tutu), took this opportunity to chase after hundreds of them. Have you ever seen the old movie Birds? ewww this is what it reminds me of, these birds are gross.

Then we had a very quick "party" at the softball Fields. Cupcakes and a few family gifts and the boys had to leave for below mentioned baseball game.
That night, the boys left us to go to the Rangers game. This was last week so we still didn't know they would be going to the WORLD SERIES, but now they are and we are super excited. The boys had fun and came home with 20 reusable cups and some other memorabilia. This actually isn't as cool as it seems because they didn't buy any of it. They got it off the ground after the game. half of the cups smelt like beer. Sick.

I love my little girl. She is growing up so fast. She has sas and attitude but she is still very sweet and loving. She has a personality that would make anyone melt! She can be really shy around a lot of people but once she knows you and gets used to you, she breaks loose and you cant help but love on her. She was a very special first addition to our family 4 years ago and life hasn't been boring since she arrived.
She loves all things pink, purple, frilly, princess, Fancy Nancy (just fancy in general), and anything that sparkles. She is 100% pure girl.
Your my girl Nan!


jayme said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!! Cute post, those cookies look SO good!

Becca said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! Maybe on day i'll get to meet her!

Emma and John said...

Wowee we have some hot hubbies!!I love that game pic. We miss you all already!

Alysha said...

Happy Birthday Natalie!! I can't believe she's 4 either! Love the cookies - they're so cute

Proud Momma said...

those cookies look good! and yes thoes birds are crazy!!!

Calloways said...

Ryan "played" with a tub of Vicks Vapor Rub today. Needless to say as I cleaned up I was thinking about you and your Boots!! Glad Natalie had a fun birthday. Those cookies look DELICIOUS!!