Monday, October 18

just breathe

Item #1.
There are about to be a ton of posts go up. I am so behind but feel like I have tons to share. We have been really busy and will be busy for another month or so. I am exhausted. I nap whenever I can. Courtney isn't the problem, nor are the other kids, just busy.
Last week was Thanksgiving, Canadian Thanksgiving, and we decided to celebrate this year with J & A. The fridge was packed with leftovers, we had great naps, and started up on the Charlie Brown Holiday specials.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we headed to Houston to see our friends Jake and Kelly. Again, so fun. I mean what do we do that isn't fun?! Anyway, the girls all had fun together, and boots was as crazy as always. They have this radical Children's Museum that we could have spent ALL day at. Nat especially thought it was awesome.

These 2 are cute. They are also crazy. JUST today here is a list of things that boots did:
- put an entire pack of gum in his mouth
-found a softball bat and swung it around the house
-dumped out an entire bottle of water into Courtneys carseat
-sucked down almost an entire tube of toothpaste
- ate a "spicy" IBProfen
- surfed on the rickity patio table
- dumped out a whole container of a very slippery hair product of mine onto our bedroom floor, and then walked it around the house
THIS ALL ALMOST HAPPENED WITHIN A 5 MINUTE SPAN. Just so you get a glimpse into our home and life with him.
Nati is sweet/sassy all of the time. Sometimes she is sweet and helps me with everything with a smile on her face, where other times, she complains and blows HUGE hissyfits over nothing. Well, nothing important to me, just to a 4 year old. Thats right she had her BIRTHDAY this week and turned 4. She is so grown up. We had a fun little "party" at the softball fields with our friends John and Emma who came in from out of town for a softball tournement. Anyway, pictures of all of that to come.


Alysha said...

sheesh you are busy, but at least it's all fun stuff. your kids are adorable!

Ryan and Meagan said...

um, that list is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! are all 2 year olds like that??? Panic! They are such cute kids and Courtney is soooo shlumpy and sweet. Jill needs to get over there asap and visit!!!

Proud Momma said...

wow...he is

Miss U

Sara said...

I always laugh out loud every time I read your blog. a "SPICY" Ibproufen. HHHHHAHAHA

Wiseguys said...

yeah, I feel your pain. I don't think I've sat down for weeks. I mean I pass out from exhaustion every night, but I don't think I've relaxed in ages... and naps. Ha yeah right.