Friday, October 22

"Adother Patch?!"

babies are so yummy. especially this baby! She is so sweet, sleeps good... enough, eats really well, poops a lot, and is just so stinkin cute. Why is it that babies prefer MY bed and pillow over their bassinet or crib? It just always seems to work out that way!
Time has already flown by, 6 week old sleeping beauty!
Last week was Natalie's birthday, and we got a little package in the mail from Cousin Taylor. aside from a sweet picture and frame, they sent along this awesome pink hair. Natalie LOVES it. She walks around touching it and letting it touch her arm/back and just has this little look on her face that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She wants hair so bad. I told her the hair was to wear JUST at home and she was ticked. The funny part is that she thinks her hair is long normally, and she will put her hair back and shake her head from side to side and say "Mom! Look how long and pretty my hair is!" Anyway, thanks Tay, we love the hair!
We hit up a new pumpkin Patch yesterday that was awesome. Boots now asks "Adother Patch?!" everywhere we go. Even if we are going to the bathroom that is what he asks. But it was low key and not too busy, but so much fun for the kids. I am getting really excited about Halloween! I tried matching them up in black, I find matching us all helps when I lose a child! Av, Kat, and Liv came with us and we just played and played till they all pooped out.

Then Sister got her moment when we got home and Natalie couldn't stay away for a minute. Poor baby, my kids are so overpowering. I borrowed this basket from a friend thinking "this will be so cute to take some pics of the baby in." Again, not at all how I imagined, but cute enough.

rangers play again tonight, game 6. We HAVE GOT to take this one! So any time after 630, don't bother us because we will be intently watching a WIN!!


Meagan M said...

Ha ha ha...I love the pink hair. Hailey has the same stuff and was also kinda ticked when I wouldn't let her wear it to church. So classy!

I love that last pic of your kids. So cute!

Proud Momma said...

love the candy corn girls need some new bows BAD!