Tuesday, January 19

Wild things

We went to the Zoo today and Oh My Gosh. The animals were wild. Some monkeys making whoopy with all their parts hanging out in glory, Gorillas giving through-the-glass staredowns, throwing poop, and Roaring Lions. It was cool to see all the action. And fun to hear Lib explain to her boys that the monkeys are just wrestling and playin haha.

We watched a little girl walk by holding some candy and Natalie's reaction was "Mommy, look at her candy! That girl went poo-poo!" Maybe I should lay off the treats for going poop.
Lib has more pics but here is pre-zoo.

Natalie is the new photographer. look how centered she was! way to go nat!
And Stephen is seriously a monkey. He is nuts. He is always jumping off of thngs and landng wherever and however he lands. When is this broken leg or arm or head going to happen?!


Lynne said...

Do you guys fit everyone in the same car? Cute pics at the zoo, and funny comment by natalie and the candy!! haha

BrittanyB said...

sounds like an educational day at the zoo ;) I love your hair, it looks way curlier that it used to!

emblair said...

Natalie's poo-poo realization...pretty funny!

The Ortons said...

I am still laughing about Natalie's comment about the girl that went poopoo. HHHHHHHHHHHAHAHHAHAHA. AWESOME>

Cris, Jon, Austin and Ethan said...

i'm laughing at the same thing...i guess that's what happens when you potty train.....and bribe. so cute.
love the curls.