Tuesday, January 12

If it wont snow, we will supply the white stuff!

In preparing for a monthly family get together yesterday, we were t-minus 30 minutes till departure. I like to have things go according to plan and when they don't, I usually get upset and angry.

Being a bit selfish and catching up on something (whether that be my book, a show or the Internet, is not important) I heard a scream coming from Boots' room. I run back to find a white mess and this-

The culprit:
And of course the victims:She found the baby powder and decided his room needed a little white dusting. This usually would have upset me beyond any other. It did however help that the room smelt Divine!
I took the time to grab my camera, and get a really good laugh in before I shifted into mean mommy. Natalie went straight to timeout.

And don't forget the sympathetic one. He tried to console her while in time out.
Really this didn't last long as the room so incredibly covered I needed all the help I could get cleaning it up.

After a change of clothes for little, he followed me into my bathroom where the tub had somehow been left full and the water was indeed cold. One second later he was taking a nose dive into the tub, again screaming out of pain. COLD COLD water pain. haha poor kid.

Another change and we were out the door!


Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

It's so nice when the kids can play together, but 2 heads can definitely come up with a lot more trouble than 1.

Julie said...

If you were catching up on a book would you mind sharing which one???

Jeni said...

Catching fire... the sequal to The HUnger Games. super good.

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Melia LOVES sprinkling the house with baby powder if she can get her hands on it.

emblair said...