Wednesday, January 13


My kids have been oozing for a few days now and coughing up what seems to be their insides. BUT they seem to be on the mend and getting better. So tonight I decided to rade the house with disinfectant. Everything clean.
Toys, door handles, light switches and books. Don't be fooled by the disgusting picture, my diseased children will no longer be a threat!
Now to sit down and eat and veg. Too bad most my shows haven't started yet, I don't have much to waist my time with! Although I getting my fill with Bachelor, Modern Family, American Idol, and we are re-catching up on LOST. Love that show.
I am still loving my edemame beans, and apparently a new treat for Nat. At lunch now I have to make some just for her and then some just for me, otherwise she will chow mine all down! I cant complain, that girl will eat just about anything!
As for what I am not loving? Monkey boy.

I feel like the children of 2008 were sent from the same mold. I have noticed a lot of them with a lot of monkey and curious characteristics. Lets hope this doesn't last, otherwise 2024 will be a brutally rough year. A bunk of crazy 16 year old, not what this world needs.

But what I do need? My 3 year old who can look at one picture and tell me who "Edward, Bella, and Jacob" are in "New Moon", aka mommies show. Yes I also made her a little shirt that she sports for bedtime. Ah, this made me so happy! The youngest member of team Edward!


aidanjordan said...

Shelby loves edamame too! I think it's the squeezing them out of their pods that they like!

Julie said...

Very cute t-shirt on Nat. And I love that she loves Edamame. I love Edamame too!!!!! The year 2004 produced a lot of crazy boys too. SCARY!!!!!

BrittanyB said...

Maybe it's just boys in general, and since we had girls first, this boy thing is a bit of a shock to the system. Either way, serious trouble in the years to come.
Love Nat's shirt!

abby and paxton said...

that is one nasty picture of Boots. Yuck! I'm so glad everyone is getting healthy again! Yikes!
Way to go Nat on Team Edward... and if your hair turns blondie you can be on Team Emmett with me! :)
Hey Jen I got your text, BUT my phone is being gay and it won't let me call out or send texts... so I can't respond. But I'm doing good- and I've actually been thinking of you guys almost every day wanting to have you guys over for dinner soon. We've just always had something going on at nights so it's never been good for us- but soon -really.

Alysha said...

hahaha her shirt is awesome!! yup i agree - there's something about the '08 babies - little monkeys for sure!!!

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Ok I don't look at your blog for a few weeks and your kids are so bog now!! Stephen looks like such a big boy now!! Cute shirt, Nat!!