Sunday, January 17

rockin hips

Nat and Boots have awesome aunts and uncles all over the place but last night it was special time with Eric and Kat. They are the best! They came out to watch the kids and left us a bunch of fun videos.

And I cant get enough of this robe. Yum.

Today was kinda teary. At church Natalie has finally graduated into primary and watching those little pig tails on the front row was so sweet. She was a little sad last hour when I took her to the bathroom and she didn't want to go back to her class. Then Boots first day of Nursery was also today, tear. He cried the whole time. I hope that gets better. I am sooo done with roaming the halls with him.

Later we headed over to Libs house for Drews birthday celebration and WAY too much cake.

Something I love is listening to Brian put the kids to bed. This is rare, but tonight I insisted. He is so sweet and kind, then when it comes time to sing he sings in guarani (gwa-ta-knee) . But he learned this language on his mission and it sounds like a lot of jibberish. Anyway, he sings "I need thee every hour" in this language and it is so sweet.

The downside for him putting the kids to bed is he "had" to pause his mariocart game. oh Wah. I hate when he gets in these WII modes where all he wants to do is WII, but I let him have fun with it since it is sooo rare. And who am I to talk, I spent 2 hours trying to beat my nephew in Super Mario 3... I was unsuccessful!

And another totally random thought. BETH needs to go away. I am trying to lose my last few LBS and Beth (The Fat girl inside of me) is trying desperately to take over. She always tries and she usually wins for a few days. Tonight she is BANGING on my door and she is holding papa murpheys Cinnamon wheel. GO AWAY.


aidanjordan said...

Natalie was SO good in Primary. All those sunbeams are really good, but she was exceptional. When Claire asked how we know our parents love us, she answered, "My daddy gives me big kisses!". So cute!

BrittanyB said...

Love the video ;) This should make you feel better about beth, I had four pieces of costco cake yesterday. Stupid birthday leftovers!

Tasha said...

Ha! Beth! That was enough to make me get out of google reader and comment. I am still laughing out loud. I love you.

Proud Momma said...

ah yes...the fault!

The Ortons said...


I am laughing out loud also about Brian saying he has to pause his mariocart game- HAHAHAHAH

Emma and John said...

aww- John always sings that song in Guarani! Maybe they learned it together... :) And if we had video games I would go crazy.

Anonymous said...
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