Sunday, August 2

Nat is trouble

I never knew an 8 year old could be so hard. This girl is trouble I tell us. Sassy as can be she and I butt heads like no other!   She can be sweet as sugar when she tries but if you cross her or give the wrong answer or tell her what to do... I should say if I do... She turns on you. She turns crazy on you! I have really struggled to know what to do about it and how to react to her. I don't seem to be doing it right. Parenting is so hard. Each new step and each new age is difficult. 
She isn't bad with Brian but me?? Ohhh yay! And babysitters and even nana! I hate when she is disrespectful to nana. I am kinda at the end of my line here and don't know where to turn or what to do. Anger, screaming, crying, threats, etc. I worry about my girl. 

Don't get me wrong, she is still very sweet and happy and fun most of the time, but the bad times tend to take over my mind. We are in Canada right now and so maybe it is that Brian isn't here with us and she reacts to that? Whatever it is we need to figure it out. Together her and I. I love this beautiful girl so so much and I want nothing but happy for her. 

She is so funny with posing. Always needing to pose to pictures! She is way way way into sporty shorts and has been hating wearing underwear. (Not a shocker, she hates all clothing) yet still lives to dress up a and get pretty but won't admit to it! 

Here is an embarrassing picture for the kids. They were all fighting and crying and screaming so I made them all sit together to work it out and they threw a fit when I took out the camera to take a picture. I only did it cause nat was being totally immature and ridiculous. 
She was mad, but I have to laugh sometimes! 

This girl LOVES poppy so so so much. She is always trying to hold her and love in her. She is a great helper with her but can be overbearing at times. If I were poppy I would hate it!! She just loves her so much and I feel bad denying her some sweet poppy. 

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