Monday, August 31

Canada part one

We had the most amazing summer this summer! We decided to go up to Canada again as we usually do but this time it was in celebration that we could do it with my mom. Last summer was so hard although fun to be there very difficult to be there at the same time. This time it was just celebrating the whole time!
Brian couldn't come up right away so I traveled alone with the four kids which actually was much easier than I thought it would be. They were all pretty well behaved! Courtney became best friends with the flight attendant.
She was up with them chatting a lot of the time and then we got so close that they asked her if she wanted to help collecting trash at the end of the flight. She walked the entire plane with rubber gloves on her hands collecting trash! 

Even though I live in Libby it was fun to be reunited after she had been there for several weeks without us. Brian and Robin and their kids were also there. It was so much fun to have all of those cousins together and all of us adults! 

On July 1 which is Canada day we had a big at home celebration. Lots of fun backyard games were planned and it was a blast. We played pics and Lifesavers, pass the orange, darn it, marshmallow eating, water balloon fights and a whole bunch of food.
All of the kids got along so great so I just ended up being a whole lot of fun and laughter. As adults we always have a good time with lots of laugh attacks in there.

The weather is always so gorgeous there during the summer that we could go on nice cool morning runs and then put on a sweatshirt at night again. It's honestly the perfect weather.

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