Monday, August 10

9 months

In a couple of days poppy will be nine months old. I can't believe how fast this time has flown! We have been in Canada for six weeks now and we had home tomorrow. I am sad to see our time come to an end. I wanted to talk a little bit about poppies progress over the last six weeks since we have been here.

She started her crawling by doing some sort of a "worm" or she would slam her belly into the ground and move around. She was also spitting up quite a bit when we first got here experiencing with different formulas. I think we finally have found a formula that sits well in her tummy. She also has taken a huge liking to table food and loves to eat with her hands. She has not turned her nose up at anything we have given her although she definitely has favorites. 

She is still in 3–6 month clothing but I think soon we might be able to move up to 6 to 9 at clothing.
So her crawl has moved from a worm movement to a full on crawl. She gets around and loves to go explore. She loves to suck on my legs and find what she can on the floor. She fell down her first stare this morning and luckily it was just one stair. We are going to have to teach her how to go up and down stairs quite quickly as it is hard to put up the gate at my house.

This morning when I reached into her mouth I found a little sharp piece coming out of her gums. She got her first tooth officially! 
She has been an extremely good sleeper and eater. She goes down for bed around 830 every night and sleeps for a good 12 hours or more. She still loves her bottles. Her favorite foods right now our bread, bananas, blueberries, watermelon, oh and spaghetti! She absolutely loved spaghetti!

She has learned how to wave "bye-bye" although she says "die die" she also says dada and I think she will forget who he is, even though he was her favorite person before he left. She can give kisses and occasionally will clap. I feel like she only clapped for a couple weeks and then she was over it. Your kisses are wet and slobbery and she goes right in for them! They are the sweetest.

The kids can't get enough of her, all three of them are completely obsessed and if they could would be holding her 24 seven. It's very sweet but at the same time they don't realize she is still just a baby and not a baby doll or a big kid. I do feel like I need to watch them quite closely.

I'm anxious to get her to the doctor for her nine month appointment and see where she is Wayne on the percentage scale. Before we left six weeks ago she was barely Wayne 14 pounds and was still quite low in the percentile. My guess is she is almost 16 pounds but that is a total guess! 

It has been so much fun for mom and dad to get to know her and spend so much time with her. She is such a sweet baby and brings so much joy into our lives. We would have a completely different family without this little angel.

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