Tuesday, September 23

Stars at night

The stars at night are big and bright.... Deep in the heart of Texas. 
That's my favorite part of the Texas rangers game... They sing it every game during the 5th inning! It makes me love Texas a little more!! 

We took the kids to a rangers game, which was do fun since we haven't been to a game all season. It was a beautiful night to be at the ballpark. Taco bueno, cotton candy, and peanuts made it perfect. 

I'm just having a didficult time with the thought of having another member of our family in no more than 8 short weeks. That's pretty fast. I'm not ready and it totally stresses me out. I'm trying to stay calm and be ok with 4 kids coming our way. So I'm 32 weeks and feeling huge. Don't know where she is going to grow but I guess she will find space. Heart burn is crazy every day and every night, I need at a minimum of 4 pillows to sleep or else I am in pain- no I'm still in pain with 4 pillows. Sometimes I even need Brian to push or pull me out of bed. My craving is ice, I'll take any crushed but sonic is the real craving. It's so crunchy and cold and good!! 

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