Thursday, September 18


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This little girl brings me so much joy. She is funny and chatty all the time, never stopping talking my ear off. She is sassy and sweet and loves to snuggle and give kisses and hugs. She acts shy to strangers and hides behind me- I hate it! She can't wait for our baby to come and I know she ll smother her with love like she does summer. 
Her and Natalie now share a room, her favorite color is pink. She sings constantly and can learn a song so quickly! Purses and babies are her favorite toys and food??? She eats so much. Hot dogs, Mac and cheese, tacos, chips and salsa, ice cream... Ok she likes everything! 
She is starting to get picky about her clothes and her hair. Ponytails all the time and bows bows bows! 
She just started preschool and loves it! As do I love my free days 3 days a week!

Well little miss just had her birthday yesterday and turned 4!! Where has the time gone? She feels like such a baby to me still.  She chose to go bowling and then eat hotdogs and cake. It was a fun family party and some cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandma and papa came over to celebrate with her. We sure are blessed to have so much family around. 
Happy birthday sweet girl. We love you so much!

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Lynne said...

Such a sweet and adorable four-year-old! I sure love you!