Tuesday, September 9


This year for Labor Day, we started out the day with Brian's very first triathlon in his life. I will blog more about that with pictures later. 
Later we hopped on the boat with Libby and Sean and my kids tried out tubing for the first time in their life. They had so much fun riding the tubes. Courtney kept wanting to go faster and faster whereas Natalie wanted to slow down! They all took turns jumping from the boat into the lake and swimming around a little between turns. 
Whenever I go on a boat I am brought back to my childhood days out of the cabin when we used to go out there all summer riding on the boat around the lake. I used to love waterskiing tubing and parasailing. I remember when they got the boom on the side of the boat and I was able to try waterskiing for the first time. I also remember going parasailing and having my dad land me on the ground and drag me along face first through the dirt and rocks!! 
Another time parasailing he took me past the houseboat where there were new to sunbathers on the top deck. I got quite the show from the air!

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