Wednesday, August 6

These are the crazy times

My life has been a crazy one since my last post in June! I completely missed July so we are going to have to do some major backup here! We arrived in canada for a visit mid June. We planned our trip according to my mother. End of May she was visiting my brother in North Carolina where she ended up needing an emergency appendectomy. After doing a ct scan the doctors, which included my brother Brian, found cancer cells in her abdomen. 
She met with a doctor as soon as she arrived home and they confirmed that indeed this was appendix cancer, which is a very rare type of cancer. One in a million to be exact. They got her in for surgery the soonest she could and that happened to be June 25th. I knew a few things after this...she would be in hospital for 2-3 weeks post surgery and would need help recovering from this major surgery where they would be removing all sorts of organs that had been effected by the cancer. They didn't know where it had spread or to what extent but knew it had spread. 
I booked my flight for a 9 week trip to canada to be with my mom and dad. I flew out 2 weeks early to spent time with them, and decided to leave mid august... Which obviously still has not happened. 
After arriving, I knew my parents were going to Montreal days before the surgery and with dad in his medical classes, I decided to tag along for the fun weekend. I always seem to bud into their personal plans! They love me though so they don't really mind! ;) 

Brian came up to canada and stayed with the kids, so I got to see him for a few hours at most! But the whole trip was really fun with mom. We ate pastries, shopped, walked around the city, and dad's conference had a show that was a little like a cirque de soliel and dinner. It was actually kind of lame but fun to be together. The 3 of us always laugh and have a good time together! I am the best 3rd wheel! Haha
We also took a double decker bus tour of the city which was very overrated and silly. Montreal is a cool unique city that felt very much European, but not cool enough to warrant a double decker bus tour! It for sure reminded me of my mom and my trip to Paris back in 2004 when we did take a double decker bus tour and it was amazing!! 
Then it was back home and prepping for this surgery of a lifetime. The night before we sat together totally normal and talked about the happenings of the next day and how they felt like a dream. She had no symptoms and nothing that ever made her believe she had any cancer anywhere in ever body. She felt like she was talking about someone else! It was a crazy thing to go into like that! I'm sure glad we got to come before that though to be with them and have fun with them for a few days. 


aidanjordan said...

I'm so glad you posted! Been missing you guys and wondering when you'd be back. You are such a great daughter. Give my best to your mom!

Alysha said...

How's your mom doing now? I'm so glad you've been able to be here for her. I'm sure she appreciates it!
And I bet you are an awesome 3rd wheel ;)