Monday, August 18

Bad night

I am not quite sure what to do or how to act as a mother tonight. We went out on a date and got a babysitter. For some reason my kids do not act like normal children around babysitters. They're wild and crazy and out-of-control. Tonight was no exception.
It was my sweet nephew Drew babysitting and when I got home I could tell that he was shook up about the night. He went on to tell me what happened and my kids were very naughty for him as they sometimes are for babysitters. They had done the normal being sassy and using excuses to not go to bed, Natalie also was spitting and throwing books and toys down the banister but to top it all off boots had taken apart his marshmallow gun, and Peed in the marshmallow loader. I am beside myself with discussed from the way that they were acting in the way they treated Drew. It makes me sad to see him so sad.

Here's what really gets me though, after I left to drive him home Brian went upstairs to wake up the kids. When they are naughty for babysitters we will wake them up and make them clean their rooms before they can go back to bed. Tonight brain decided to go one step further.

Last year Natalie saved up about $25 to buy herself a giant white tiger from Costco. She named her tigy and it is her favorite toy. She sleeps with her every night and she takes the path of Natalie's queen size bed, she even dressed her in her clothes and carries her everywhere that we will allow her to.
Boots has a stuffed momma Fox and baby fox that he got from IKEA about two years ago. They are his favorite stuffed animals he plays with them daily and sleeps with them every single night. He has love them for two straight years. While we were in Canada it was the one thing he talked about missing the most and getting back to was mama Fox and baby fox. 

We are sick of our kids treating babysitters this way and didn't know what else to do so Brian
 took away Tigy and the foxes... And threw them in the dumpster outside.
I asked him if we could let them read deem themselves and earn them back over time, he disagreed and thought that the only way they will learn is by doing something drastic with something that they love the most. It is unacceptable behavior, but I'm still struggling because of the love I know that they have for those toys. Why am I allowing us to affect me it is a worldly thing that doesn't matter. They are just so attached and love those toys so much and it is sweet to see them love on them and care for them so much.

I should be okay with this punishment though shouldn't I? Why can't I let it go? I guess I am pretty bad at standing my ground. This will be very difficult for me not to go out to the trashcan and fish it out. I have to stay strong as this punishment has been coming at them for the last two months of summer as they have missed treated me and mistreated babysitters and I have not known what to do about it. Ahhh! Wish me luck.

I never finished the story about my mom I will soon. I was just getting started with my post surgery number one. Then life really happened…


Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

Ugh! I am so sorry!! I wish I had advice to give to help you through this time and to help your kids be nicer to babysitters! The worst feeling is not being able to go out on dates with your husband without worrying every 5 seconds about whats going on back home with your kids and the sitter. Good luck!

(I agree, we've tossed out so many toys after bad behavior. Not like bad one time, but repetitively bad behavior.Stand your ground mama!)

BrittanyB said...

Oh Jeni, that is the hardest part! Good luck. I can't believe how rough your summer has been!