Monday, August 25

Stop it!

So lots of the time I still feel like I'm a teenager or at the most like I am only 21. It's days like today that I realize that I am really 30 years old and I am about to have my fourth child. I can't believe my oldest is starting second grade!! 

The kids had a fabulous first day of school today. They were so excited they didn't even want me to walk them back to their classrooms. At pick up they had zero complaints only happy positive reports. 

Courtney starts preschool next week, I don't know what I will do with myself for three days out of the week!!   Oh wait I forgot that I have a baby coming and I've so much to prepare for since I threw every existing baby item out right before we found out we are pregnant!!! I will be busy and I am excited for her to going to school she need some kind of structure in her life!! 

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Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

School is the best huh!? I know Brinley is only in school for 3ish hours everyday, but I feel like those 3 hours are just enough to grocery shop, hang out, and gear up for life until she gets home. She is a busy little thing and is constantly looking to me for attention and what to do, but school has really helped minimize that!