Tuesday, January 21

Half way there

I am having a fabulous time watching my sisters kiddos for the week. Going from 3 kids to 8 kids is a jump but it's been ... Interesting? No it's fun. No, it's been hard... No, fun. No I don't know what it is!! Luckily I love them like my own kids so it works easily. 
I started a sticker chart for everyone and they are earning stickers to change in at the end if the week for a movie or candy or money. It's working like a gem. Happy well behavior from almost all! My kids are having the hardest time with it! 
We are 4 days in and we have gone through 78 paper plates, 24 yogart tubes, 32 cheese strings, 500 fruit snacks, and too much toilet paper! I don't know how these large families do it without breaking the bank! 

Let's see what else we can accomplish this week and how much more fun we can have! Here's to being a family of 10 for a week! 


BrittanyB said...

Holy Cow! You are a good and amazing sister!

Anna@Exasperation said...

You amaze me!

aidanjordan said...

Whooooaaaa...we're halfway there
Whoooooaaaa...livin' on a prayer!

I couldn't resist.

Libby said...

You are amazing as a mom, aunt and sister! My kids adore you as do I!