Saturday, October 26

This is Halloween

The ward trunk or treat was fun. Everyone was scared of me... Mainly Courtney who cried for a good hour, wouldn't look touch or talk to me, had to drive in Libby's car, and finally snuggled with me later that night after my shower and my dripping blood was gone. Poor girl. I felt like a bad mom for a second till I realized I'm awesome for dressing up! 

I love Halloween. I made Natalie her costume this year and had fun with their makeup. Courtney did have a green face since she wanted to be alfeba from wicked. With one itch she wanted it all off. 

Next project is for Brian's work party next week... It's a surprise what we will be together as a family costume!!


Alysha said...

I LOOOOVE all the costumes!! You look fantastic!! I had a cat nose painted on and James wasn't too sure about me. I can only imagine what your makeup did ;) But seriously LOVE IT!

Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

SO CUTE! and yes, you are AWESOME for dressing up.