Sunday, October 20

Lets just continue

Since I posted about the big trip... I will also post about the big Surprise. I had been working since the summer on something that was top secret. I spent EVERY single night while I was in Calgary this summer snooping and digging though boxes and picture albums to find all the pictures of my mom I could find. I scanned them in and then emailed them to myself... then deleted them so she would see no sign of them! I ended up doing this after she went to bed at night and since I got well over 200 pictures, it seriously took me HOURS!
I also gathered email addresses of all of the people she loves and that love her and had them each write a memory or what they love about my mom. I then compiled it all together in a big book for her birthday. It was so fun and beautiful to do, but I am so anxious to give it to her! I wanted to wreck the surprise for weeks and months, but didn't!
So then step 3... have a surprise party. Where else do we make it a big surprise but to make it 3 months later in Dallas!! She was so surprised and didn't really understand it was all for her and her birthday till she actually looked at the pictures. That 60 is all in pictures of her. it took forever to do, but it was so worth it! It was the day she flew in and I told her we were having dinner at my place. We did have dinner, but she wasn't expecting anyone else. Christina's to eat, with cake, macaroons, chocolate covered strawberries, and candy. She also got a new bike, a beach cruiser and I am totally obsessed!


Alysha said...

You guys are awesome. Best gift ever

Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

Love this idea! Your parents are amazing! I just love your Mom so much.