Thursday, October 31

Sick of sick

Boots was home  2 days in a row. Throwing up and fever and just chilling around the house. Last night after the party Courtney decided to get it and throw up from 7-3am non Stop. I am so extremely tired right now!! 
When I told boots it's ok to be sick, he just caught a bug- he was super concerned about catching a turanchula. That is a concept that is hard to explain! 

Last week I took boots to the pumpkin patch with his kindergarten class. That boy is just so sweet. He was very particular about his pumpkin and what kind he brought home. We ended up with 6 mini pumpkins instead of one big one. He knew what he wanted! I didn't fill out my background check fast enough so I didn't get to have any other kids in my group so it was just me and him! 

After we left, he was asleep within 5 min- he was exhausted! 

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