Monday, October 28

Safari Time

Natalie had a very fun 7th Birthday party this year! We did a safari theme. She has been really into animals and was very excited about it! We played games, did a pinata, and then ate and did cake.. then watched Lion King. I was excited for the kids to go watch the movie... but I didn't think it through obviously. They weren't into it at all. They just wanted to play and be crazy. popcorn candy cake and ice cream made them all CRAZY kids. 10, 7 year olds was a blast though!
Happy Birthday Natalie.
guest list:
Taylor, Shelby, Sophia, Emma, Avree, Claire, Jake, Maka, Austin, and Natalie. (Boots and Courtney were there of course as well)

Cant believe I have a 7 year old!! I am so old! Also, side note... she lost her 7th tooth the week after her 7th birthday! She was so excited and brought it to school for show and tell the next day! GROSS.

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aidanjordan said...

Cute party as always! Happy Birthday, Natalie!