Wednesday, August 21

The awesome years...

Each year, Brian and I plan an anniversary trip together. We go away for a few nights and don't bring the family. We attend a NEW temple that we haven't been to before and there are NO kids allowed. We have made this a tradition and we will continue to do it each and every year. It is a wonderful experience for us to rekindle and get to know each other better. You would think that after 8 years there wouldn't be too much more to learn about a person right? You are wrong. But we always have so much fun on our trips and I look forward to them so much!
This year because of budget reasons, we decided to do our anniversary as part of our trip to Hawaii. Usually this is a no no, since we aren't supposed to have family there with us...obviously this was a little different. We knew that we would be in Hawaii anyways and neither of us have been to that temple.
My wonderful parents offered to watch the kids while we had the whole day out for our big anniversary day. I was in charge of planning it since 1. Brian was on a sail boat and 2. Brian has never been to Hawaii before. I wanted to do something fun and adventurous but I know that Brian is scared of heights and doesn't LOVE to do anything too risky. Helicopter rides were pretty pricey on this island (like 450$ a person) and we had already gone as a family to see a lot of the sights) So I found an awesome zip lining tour at the north tip of the island. It was way up in the canopy top of the trees and it was incredible. It was 4 suspension bridges, 9 zip lines, and 2 repels. We had a blast. Our group was awesome and the tour guides were great. Brian loved it cause he was able to make everyone laugh with his jokes. We were silly and just got to experience something so new to us both! THIS is why we love our trips. We get to see each other in new environments and do new things together that we normally would never do elsewhere. SO fun!!
The longest line was over 1200 feet long and the tallest we got was about 250 feet up.

 Then we headed to lunch at this little cafe on the side of the road. I use trip advisor to find good places to eat and this was a little gem! Brian got the hot pastrami sand which almost everywhere we went on the island so this was no exception! It was Delicious and very cute and quaint.
 Next we headed to a beach. MY plans are always different than Brians, even when I try to plan the whole day. The first thing that changed was this stop. I wanted to go snorkling and he thought snorkling here would be dumb since one day we will snorkel the great oceans! COME ON BRIAN! So we layed out and played in the water. It was nice and relaxing to beach without being on the constant look out for the little people!!

That night I had a luau planned for us to go to at the nice hotel there on the island. We popped home to shower up and while I was taking the few minutes to get ready Brian overheard Boots say something to Nana about wishing he could go to a luau. As soon as we got in the car Brian confronted me about it. This man loves his food and he doesn't like to spend money when he may not like it or if he knows he wont like it. I wanted him to experiene the culture and the beauty of the islanders but he was not interested in the menu... so we headed up to Ruths Chris for some great steaks. Ya we can get that back home, but if it makes my man happy!

Since it was such a jammed day of going around the island, we had to save the temple for another day. We got up nice and eary in the morning and headed out to the Kona Hawaii Temple. It was gorgeous and awesome! We were supposed to go through in Tongan, which I was really looking forward to, but they changed it to english last minute. What a wonderful place to be and go.

So here is to another fabulous year with the man of my dreams. The one who makes me a better person and the one who loves me for who I am. He lifts me up and supports me in all that I do. He loves me through the good and the bad and he is ALWAYS there to listen and give advice. He is charming, loving, kind, generous, loving, handsome, charitable, thoughtful, hard working, and I couldn't ask for anything more. Happy 8th anniversary Brian my love!! It was fun and I cant wait till next year.


Alysha said...

that's so wonderful. I love that you have that tradition. happy anniversary. I can't believe it's been 8 years!

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

So cool!! What a cool tradition for you guys. Your yellow wedges at the temple, tell me more about those!