Monday, August 26

This is NOT happening

I am not crying. 
I am so happy and sad, and filled with different emotions today! Boots is off to Kindergarten. Natalie is off to first grade. Natalie was so excited to show him the ropes and tell him all about school and show him where to go. They even didn't want us to walk them in, Natalie wanted to help him find his spot in his class. 
He is such a little joy to have in our family and I am going to miss his sweet little face and helping hand around the house during the day. Courtney is going to miss her partner in crime, and her "family" playing buddy. They are best buds. 
I hope they both make friends and be a good friend to the kids around them. I hope they are polite and listen to their teachers. I hope they smile and are kind. I hope they aren't shy, but I hope they aren't obnoxious. Most importantly, I hope they have fun!

Daddy gave them each a fathers blessing this morning before they left, and then took them out for donuts on the way to school. They were a little mad that they didn't get the pancakes that I promised them, but they will get over that fast! LOVE YOU KIDDOS!! Happy First day of school!!


aidanjordan said...

When we first moved here Boots wasn't even walking! I can remember you in the hallways with him during Sacrament. :(

They both look so cute! Hope they have a great first day!

Alysha said...

I love Natalie's outfit! too cute! I can't believe these boys are in school now! Hope the first day went well.