Thursday, July 26

The little man is 4

I cant believe that my little menace, crazy, sweet, nuts, busy, adorable, little mini man is 4! He has been so excited for his birthday and insisted on an under the sea party. I am not really sure what he had in mind, but this was the best I could come up with! 
Octo-dogs, Star-whiches, ocean water - his food of choice!! 
We did a little backyard fishing and the kiddos loved it! It took a lot of concentration, especially for a little guy like Boots who lost it after a few minutes of not being able to catch a fish! 
There was a little water balloon fight that followed, and lesson learned- You can never have enough water balloons on hand for these littles! 
As we put the candles in and sang a little ditty to Booters, this was him concentrating on his wish before he blew out the candle. He was SERIOUS about his wish. 
Daddy slept through the while thing. He has been a tired little lass! 
He has loved The Avengers and superheroes lately, and he stocked up with his fun presents! I LOVE having a little boy. They are the sweetest and funnest! His face was priceless with each and every present, he was so excited for everything! He even got a duplicate but thought it was the coolest thing ever! Love him. 
And the party ended with a showing of Finding Nemo with a whole bunch of treats. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved it all I think! 
Happy Birthday my sweet Stephen. I sure love you!! 
We took him into the Doctor for his 4 year check up and he is GREAT of everything. When the Dr asked him his name his reply "I dont know". I had to try to convince him he did know his name. He was really confused but finally got out "Stephen". When the Dr. asked his last name, he looked at me first then with a question lingering he said "boots?" haha I explained to the Dr about his nickname, and then finally he told the Dr. his actual last name! Goose. 

He is the happiest kid I know, with a tender heart and tender feelings. He is always thinking of others before himself and is willing to give up anything for his sisters. He will protect his sisters to the end too! I hope he never loses that. He loves to play sports and run around. He loves to climb and jump and dig and throw and run. 
His favorite foods right now are:
- milk
- cheese
- bacon

It takes several tries at getting him to calm down, and sit down all day and all night long. He is never ready for bed and always wants to keep going. But it is so hard to get mad at him because he is so sweet. He gives the best kisses and THE BEST big hug squeezes around your neck. He is always trying to squeeze out of his seatbelt in the backseat and I have to remind him several times to get it back on! 
He has a raspy little voice that I could listen to all day. And the best is listening to him sing. His favorite song as of right now is brightly beams from the hymn book. It is so cute as he knows every word and will sing it in that little voice of his. He has the apostles all memorized and is a smart little guy in everything he does. 

I couldn't have asked for a better son and a sweeter spirit to come into our home and be out little guy. He brightens my day every day and especially love to snuggle with him every single morning in bed. I cant wait to watch him continue to grow and be a vital part of our family. Love you Boots! 


lynne said...

Love the hot dog octopus! Cute pictures of boots! How I love that boy!

aidanjordan said...

Everything looked so cute! Happy Birthday Boots!