Wednesday, July 4

Ocean Isle Beach 2012

SOOOOOO there are million pictures here but I wanted to make sure they all made my blog book so here they all are! 
Again, we had a blast at the beach. The kids went crazy in the hotels we stopped in on our way there and back but the drives really weren't bad at all. They did awesome in the car for 20 hours. We learned that Courtney doesn't sleep from 2-5am in the car. She just wants to play, silly girl. 

We made aprons, t-shirts, beached it, rented boats and jet ski's, walked the pier, got sick, got stitches, loss toe nails, had a marshmallow eating contest, made smore's, got really burned, got the hot tub sandy, made sand castles, collected sea shells, went to BRAVE, made bracelets, colored,  Brian got to sleep a lot, Courtney got to sleep a lot, painted toes and fingernails, we ate WAY too much yummy food, and just had the best trip ever! We love family vacations, especially at the beach. 
And last, the only family picture we got of us all was on our way home at The University of Alabama in front of a cemetery, of course for boots! 


Cichy's said...

Looks so fun!!

Rydog said...

That picture of you playing chubby bunny made me laugh out louddddd!!! And thank GOODNESS your brother is a surgen because daaaang! There were accidents! That is something we missed out on when we were at our family beach week. Granted, we only had 3 grandchildren there and not 10+ but still! Nice to have someone fix up the injuries!!

This looks SO awesome! I need to tell my parents about Ocean isle. Looks similar to our beach week!!

PS you are so stylish. That floral blue top and coral pants. Stop it right now. Where are they from??

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

this is meagan :-)

Anna@Exasperation said...

SO FUN!!!! (except the injuries and sickness and whatall...)
I miss you.
That is all.

Meagan M said...

that LOOKS like the BEST trip! So fun!! Family is the GREATEST!

Heather said...

This is awesome. Love all the photos.