Wednesday, September 22


I feel as though there are some parts of newborn-hood that we have missed out on... lack of sleep is not one of those, but having a little bitty baby is. Courtney seems to have lept forward about a month ahead of what she really is. She is juicy and chunks, and so so sweet, again not so much at night, but at all other times! Brian has been calling her Baby Q, which I think is really cute, and he thinks is so clever. He is already practicing tough love on her, I am surprised he hasn't put her in time out! haha I love this man. He is so sweet with our kiddies, and the ONLY person they will listen to. Thank goodness for him.

the kids have been, i want to say "so good" but that would be a lie. They love ms. C, but they have come to a whole new level of naughty and ignore mom. It makes me very frustrated and lose my patience a lot. I love them to death, but I am going a little crazy.

I love me some swaddle!!
rooting on moms cheek.
milk drunk My sweet mother has been here since babe was born and has been a huge help. The kids have loved having her here and I love her being able to be with them, even though I am sure she is ready to scream like I am all of the time. It is hard enough dealing with them, and they are my own children, but to her they are someone else's kids. Oh mom, you are an angel. I dont know how laundry will get done, dishes will get done, sleep will happen, kids fed, bathed, read to, played with, or any kind of crafting done or meals cooked without you here. You will be missed so much. I have 3 full days left and I am taking FULL advantage of that. I dont know what I would do without you.


US WEEKLY said...

my other mother { your mom} looks great! and little baby C is so cute!!

aidanjordan said...

Love the milk drunk pic! So sweet! We are here to help if we can.

Alysha said...

she is so cute!! and i just want to squish those chubby cheeks!
aren't moms wonderful?

Proud Momma said...

Just think...we'll get to be nana one day for our kids! Take note of what she does so we can be just as good!

Was she talking to me on the phone in that pic...probs!

Love the pic of her milk drunk...seriously I can't wait to cuddle her!

Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

Don't worry. You can do it!!!! 3 kids is the same as 2 just a LOT busier... Courtney is a sweetie! Can't wait to see her!

abby and paxton said...

Awww, sad day when she leaves! I felt lost when my mom left.
I want to come and visit you guys SOON!! Can I come next week sometime? I'll call you!

Emma and John said...

Courtney is such a doll! I love chunky babies. Chris and Mar had a tough few weeks after John came'll get better!

Julie said...

Mom's are the best!!!!! I cried for a full 3 days before my mom left when Reece was born! And miraculously, everything continued like clock work after she left! So I promise, its overwhelming and tiring but you'll get back into the swing of things in no time at all!!!!!