Friday, September 17

Birthday Week

So I have always been a believer in Birthday week, not just the one day to celebrate. In college my roomies and I would take this very seriously and fill the week of someones birthday with TONS of fun things, and of course yummy food. Maybe it is just me but all celebrations revolve around food for me.
Well this week just so happened to be my birthday week and it was awesome. Of course it started off with the BEST present of all... Ms. Courtney.
Her first Bath-
Her cute decorated hospital crib thanks to Grandma-
The food there was so good. Sounds crazy for a hospital but really it was awesome. Celebration dinner they served of Lobster and steak, while watching some season opener Football -
Then onto the real day of my birth celebration. We got SPRINKLES cupcakes, which were super delish! We ordered from one of my new fav places, Chuy's and had a fun food fest in my jammies. I was spoiled with my second favorite gift, a new vacuum, which totally rocks. I am now a DYSON forever girl! And many more spoiling gifts! Thank you so much everyone involved! Ah, now I am 27. I feel like I should write OLDIE here, but really YOUNGIN!
Last night we took our first outing to Dairy Queen to satisfy my craving for some yum soft serve. And today we headed off to Courtney's first Dr.s visit. She is growing and doing great. She is sleeping a lot, eating a lot (obviously to maintain her frame!) and just is the perfect little princess!
Here is our first attempt at some pictures with all 3 of my offspring... I have to say, I think they are totally adorable, and yes I couldn't pick just one. Love these gooses.

Boots gives THE best kisses. FYI.

So birthday week thus far has been great. But there are still 2 more days left...


Meagan Cooper said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK JENI! We are getting old, that's for sure, but I still feel just like I did in high school. Your new babe is SO adorable, I love the pix with all 3 kids, too funny. Congrats again. So glad everyone is doing so well!

Proud Momma said...

I think Court is gonna look a lot like you cutsie! I like that pic of Nat and her...very sweet!
Miss you guys

jayme said...

Happy Birthday!! You sure have a cute family!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! and I can't believe you have 3 kiddos! They are sooo adorable and perfect. What a great mom they have!

Julie said...

I love the picture of Courtney yawning! So precious! And by the way...I LOVE her name. Its so pretty!