Tuesday, April 20

A city

Each year for our anniversary we chose a new location to go and visit. The only things that it HAS to have close to it is an LDS Temple. Other than that, we like to go for something new that neither of us have ever been. So this year we chose CHICAGO, IL. Why? We had free air tickets, and this was one of the better choices they had to choose from. Also, obviously we have always wanted to go check it out.

The few days before we left, numerous family members around us were coming down with a mystery bug. We didn't know if it was food poisoning, or the flu. Well the day before we left, Natalie got it and was throwing up all day (starting out in my bedroom where I just so happened to be steam cleaning my carpet. Thank you very much). So The night before we left, I was surprised to hear Brian up all night in the bathroom. Not fun.
We got up and headed to the airport, Brian holding his bowl the whole way there.

Check in, and get on the plane. Brian was taking his time as his tummy was obviously just kinda off from the night before. I mentioned to the stewardess that if there was a seat at the back of the plane, he would greatly appreciate it, he wasn't feeling well.

*NOW, PLEASE NOTE, at this time we had said nothing about throwing up or why he was throwing up. He could have had NERVES, he could have had food poisoning, or anything in the world that one could throw up from.*

Back to story, we are on the plane and he heads for the bathroom asap. He didn't NEED to throw up, but thought it would be considerate to make himself so that he could travel without the worry or bothering people on the plane.
The flight crew thought this was a horrible idea and told the captain that he potentially was a threat to the entire plane. Without asking us ANY questions, they immediately asked us to leave the plane. WHAT?!?! We were soo mad. Brian, who felt 100% better, was extremely upset. He was arguing, as we wanted to get to Chicago, and so of course the only logical thing to do it CALL SECURITY.
We were escorted off the plane, still no questions have been asked directly to us and the captain never even said a word.
We were re booked, and didn't arrive until 6 hours later than planned, which totally took away one of our precious days in the Windy City. ARG! It made me soooo mad! (Pregnancy + upset = crying pregnant women who you don't want to deal with!)
So here is the proof of sicky on our layover, trying to catch up on some needed sleep!
That night was BLUEMAN GROUP. We had no idea what to expect but it was AWESOME! We would recommend it to everyone. I haven't heard Brian laugh like that, Ever! It was so funny and entertaining! GREAT show!
Then we headed to our first deep dish Chicago style pizza recommendation, Giordano's.It had the atmosphere of a old time mobster movie. The Pizza to 45 minutes to cook and was SO worth it. This is the BEST pizza I have ever had and we would both go back to Chicago JUST for this.

The next day we checked out the Navy Pier, I am sure this is cool but on a rainy Thursday, it is not.

Then lunch time came and we needed to try a Chicago Dog. Portillo's was the place for this. I like Hotdogs, but I am not a huge fan of tomatoes, onions and pickle on mine. Next time, I will go with the plane old Dog!
Then onto our front row seats at a White Sox game. All I will say is, it really made me appreciate the Rangers! Of course baseball is always fun, but NOTHING like in the Arlington ballpark!
Oh, and it was cold and ended up snowing.
That night we went to the other deep dish place, Gino's. This did not come close to the first place and we were extremely sad we waisted the time to go there. We stopped at Giordano's on the walk back for some dessert and we see Rob Sneider in there too. As he left he told the manager that this was the BEST pizza he has ever had. It was.
Last day we went to the temple, which of course I forgot the camera.
Then it was onto Millennium Park. I didn't know what to expect but it was really cool. The whole city is super artsy.

And the bean. I have no clue why it is here or what relevance it has but it is pretty cool. We couldn't get any closer though because they were filming a new movie and had security everywhere. Maybe it will be a Rob Sneider movie?? What are the chances?!
Happy 5 years though hun, it was a lot of fun. If Brian wasn't completely against Oprah, I would have loved to go to her show, but other than that we hit everything we wanted to and had so much fun! Brian had to remind me that our main goal was to spend time together and that was accomplished! Love you babe!
Now I can move onto my planning out next years!!! So many options!!
Now completely unrelated to the trip is a quick dream story. Last night I was woken up by a horrible nightmare. All night I was shaken up, and until this morning I couldn't get it out of my head. Then while I was driving today I realized how dumb it was.
I was waxing my eyebrows and decided to do Natalie's too. She is a very hair little girl and will need it someday anyway! So I wax one and it turns out great, then I move on and she wont sit still. The wax ends up over her entire brow and I continue to put the strip down. It wont come off any other way than to RIP. AHHHH!!! It was horrible. Then I work up.
Pregnancy dreams are so weird and dumb!


Chi-townRawlins said...

But you have to have Gino's to appreciate JUST HOW AMAZING Giordanos is. Plus, everyone always talks about Gino's like it's so awesome and now you know you can blow them off. Giordanos 4EVR!
Sad you didn't like the chi-town style hotdog:( But understandable, too. It's pretty different.
Sounds so fun!

jayme said...

I love Chicago!! It is such a awesome town. I know you are going to think I am weird, but I don't like Giordanos. (maybe I have eaten there too much?) But I am glad you had fun. Your dream totally made me laugh!! Next year come to AZ!!

BB said...

Bryce saw that picture of the pizza and got all excited. We're loving the new city every anniversary thing! You guys look like you had a blast!

Proud Momma said...

haha...love the prego dreams...they have just begun!

That pizza looked SO good!

Alysha said...

looks like you guys had a great trip (other than being kicked off the plane - what's with that?). i'm not a fan of pizza, but THAT looks GOOD!
hahaha oh those silly pregnancy dreams.

Kelly said...

why would I go to Chicago to get that pizza from just looking at the picture? glad ya'll had fun

Julie said...

Even though I HATED living there, Chicago is a cool city. BUT, you shoulda gone to Lou Malnati's pizza (better then Giordano's) and you shoulda gone to a Cubs game instead of White Sox. Wrigley Field is so cool!!!!! But never fear, if you want you can order Lou Malnati's pizza and they'll pack it on dry ice and mail it to your house!!!!! You should give it a try so you can compare! Anyways, glad you had fun and that Brian started to feel better. Sorry about your drama on your way there. So so stupid!!!!