Sunday, April 18

Way Back

The kids are not allowed to play in certain rooms in the house. This keeps my messes, well their messes, to a minimum. I also hate it when they get into my stuff and color on scriptures, walls, or pictures, find makeup or toothpaste, and really just about anything bad you can think of. So Bathroom doors, our bedroom, and the office doors are always shut. On occasion they will sneak in and place. Well I couldn't find my camera cord FOREVER, hence no pictures- no posts! But Stephen snuck into my room and found my camera cord where I would not have otherwise looked!! Yeah for sneakiness!

So here are my backed up photos. We will start with trek. Here was morning we left all ready to go, I think it was 5am. Ugh! But again it was a blast and I have NO complaints! It was an amazing experience to be able to re enact our heritage! Some may think we are strange, but it was wonderful!

Next Item is EASTER!

Nat and I have been having a lot of fun with her hair. This little beauty is called a "braid" in her vocab. It looks so cute on her!

We went over to a friends for decorating eggs, yum food and some hat decorating!

This friend is totally 9 months preg in this picture, isn't she TINY!?

Yes, that is dog poop in his hand and by the look on his face and the "yucky" he said afterward, you know he thought he had found a "treat!" poor kid.

And last, and totally least... my belly. I am 18 weeks and I hate these belly pics(I never know if I should smile or look!) but I just wanted to prove and those all those non believers out there that indeed there is a HUGE bump. Lets also clear the air - ONE BABY, NOT TWO. Stop the gossip that I am having twins!! haha (although I totally thought I was when my tummy started to grow so fast!)
Rest of the updates coming!!


Proud Momma said...

Love the non smile belly should have smiled:)

Fun easter stuff, we were traveling this year so I sucked with that...oh well!

You were one hot pioneer you think they straightened their hair back then? haha

jayme said...

You look so cute!!

Spencer and Sara said...

I LOOOOVE that sweater. and skirt. and your belly. Oh and I love all the hairstyles you come up with for Natalie!

emblair said...

Wire wisks for easter eggs...I never would have thought of that. Pretty good idea!

Ciara said...

congrats! Didn't even know it! Well, you beat me again. Maybe your 4th can be friends with my 1st? LOL. Miss you and can we meet up in June when I come for a visit again?

Brooke said...

I didn't know you were expecting. Congratulations! When are you due?

Alysha said...

you look so cute!! i love the little bump :)

BB said...

oh my gosh you are adorable. so are your kidlets, keep the pics flowin!

Lindz said...

I agree....very cute Jeni!

Julie said...

The look on your face in your belly picture is priceless! Hahahahahaha! You're too cute!!!!!!