Saturday, January 7


Stephen had a doctors appointment yesterday in the morning and begged and bagged that I would let him stay home as there was a small small chance that it may snow. I thought it until he convinced me with his sweet little smile so I allowed him to stay home and have a mental health day. Early in the afternoon we started to see some very small snowflakes out on the trampoline, slowly it's not a little bit more in a little bit more. He had so much fun playing in the backyard and jumping on the trampoline. He brought two bowls out and put them on the table to collect snow for his sisters when they got home from school. He is such a sweet boy. He ended up filling two bowls with snow for them. Texas snow is very silly when you compare it to Canada but for my kids this was so much fun! And for me this is so cold! In boots his defense, he did have a really bad ear infection.

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