Friday, February 24

Love ya

February was a super busy month so far. We had 100 day of school and Courtney didn't want to completely look like a 100 year old woman. Just kinda. I kept saying grandmas have grey hair and wear cardigans and have wrinkles and she would reply that is wrong because her nana doesn't have that stuff! Haha boots wore a shirt that took me a surprising amount of time. 100 safety pins attached: and Natalie was 100 balloons on her shirt. Thanks school for another day I have to work really hard for a picture! Haha  
Brian's cousin Brandon got his mission call. This has been much anticipated and we were so excited for him to finally open it! He got called to India English-speaking. We were also shocked his dad asked him to make sure it didn't say Indiana! Sure enough it is India and he reports next month. He is going to have such a excellent mission.

We have had lots of fun with friends after school, lots of time with cousins, Nana came to visit for a while and even aunt Robin and uncle Brian came for a visit. February has felt like it has flown by as we also started soccer and baseball season for Natalie and (boots).

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