Thursday, January 5


I am an idiot. Some friends of ours got a hover board for Christmas and I have always wanted to try it out even though I know it is dangerous and I am clumsy. I tried it out tonight's ago and did fine until it was time to get off, as I took 1 foot off I did not calculate that the other end would fly around and out from under me. I try to grasp onto the couch and ended up falling to the ground.
I bruised my bicep, my buttocks, and really hurt my finger. I went into go see Sean today because I was convinced I had broken my finger. It hurt to bend. After an x-ray and an examination he let me know that I only sprained my finger. I feel so foolish, especially because Brian warned me so many times not to do it. I guess I should feel lucky I didn't break anything! I will never buy one of those for my own home!

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