Thursday, August 4


Honestly this is pretty ridiculous how long I have gone without blogging. I will have to back it up and blog all of the missing entries between my last post and today. But today I wanted to post about a couple of my favorite memories of this year's summer trip to Canada. We only have one day left and although we have been here for three weeks time always flies. 
First off, lets talk about Coco and what a horrible mom I am! Driving to the airport in Texas I realized her passport was expired.  There was nothing we could do and sadly she had to stay home with Brian. It's hard to leave your sweet baby at the airport with her luggage and fly to another country not knowing if she will even make it up at all to join you!! 
Luckily Brian figured it out and was able to come up with her 5 days later. 

Typically I like to come for at least a month but this year with being so busy with work(5 houses listed, and 2 buyers)  and my new calling (stake primary president) I felt like I needed to be home a little earlier than usual. Anyway now that my time is coming to a close I am sad to leave. We always have the best time. This year we only went out to the ranch a few times compared with last year when we spent almost every day all day out there. Dad got the Playhouse 95% completed on top of the second floor plus build a third story deck which will be the take off point for the zip line.

Again we were able to roast hotdogs, climb trees, hike through the forest, get scrapes and bruises go lower, pick raspberries, pet and feed the horses, and help granddad build a treehouse.

Bonnie and Tom and the boys were here for the first half of our trip and so we did a fun survivor challange with the kids after Libby arrived. Bonnie did it all and did a fantastic job!! So much fun. 

Tonight boots and granddad went out to water and feed the horses at dusk. As they were there the horses started to act agitated and very bothered. Dad sternly called the boots over several times and boots thought he was in trouble. As he got to granddad he lifted him up onto the corral to look to The Treeline where he thought he saw an elk. To both of their surprise there was a grizzly bear standing on his hind legs looking straight at them. Dad had just built a small archery range and the bear was right beside the target. They quickly jumped in the Smart car and drove toward the tree line to see if they could get a better look. The bear fell onto all floors and ran off in the trees towards the treehouse and campsite. Needless to say we will be buying bear spray and there's no more exploring on your own back at the treehouse.

On another note this last Sunday was quite eventful. As we were preparing for dinner boots in his normal fashion wasn't listening and was being pretty crazy. He would not listen when I asked him to come with me so I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the front door. He giggled the whole way there as I was dragging him across the wood floor. When we got to the stairs he grabbed onto Raylene and slipped out of my hand. His chin collided with the bottom stair and sure and off blood started gushing everywhere. It wouldn't be summer vacation without stitches of some sort! We quickly covered it and it bled for another 20 minutes before I got it under control. Granddad took out his 30-year-old doctor kit that had everything you could possibly need including everything needed to deliver a baby (from when we sailed with me nine months pregnant) anyway he cleaned it up and put some Steri-Strips on his chin. Hopefully we won't need stitches. Approximately 30 minutes later poppy came upstairs crying hysterically and not coming down. After an examination and some Tylenol, I tried to calm her down on the couch with no luck. She wouldn't move an inch and it was clear that she was in terrible amount of pain. Granddad came over to examine her again as I thought for sure we would have to go get an x-ray and cast her up again. After a few minutes of examination we felt and heard a small pop and he quickly diagnosed what was called a "popped elbow" or dislocated elbow.  Luckily granddad saved us at least two grand in emergency room visits for the evening. It's so nice to have a wise doctor in the house.
Calaway park, stampede, kickball, Chinese food, all other food, birthday parties, card golf, banff, science center, and Johnston's canyon(which why have I never been?!)  are just a few other fun things we did! 
Of course the Sunday before all the injury went down, poppy tripped and fell hitting her head on a bar stool. Her head has been soooo had all week. 

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