Thursday, April 7

Silly boy

Last night boots was complaining that his ear was bothering him and he couldn't hear... After checking it out he finally confessed that he had used silly putty as ear plugs earlier to drown out Courtney's singing. Side note, and is always talking and always singing. Anyway, as I looked inside his ear with my phone flashlight, I saw something odd that looked like flesh... It indeed was silly putty lodged into both ears very deep. Uncle Sean came over for a look and after using tweezers and a make shift tool out of an old earing, and an hour later we hadn't made any progress. About 3 hours later boots and I went out to Libby's where he had his ear thingy... And that's the medical term! And he used our earing contraption with not much luck again. As he looked into his ear he was convinced we would have to go to an ENT and have boots sedated as it was coating the ear drum quite badly. The next step was flushing. He used a baby medicine syringe and flushed with ice water about 40 times. Boots was bawling. 
We then changed things up and tried warm water. Boots was soaked but alas... Out came two big chunks of silly putty. Another hour later he felt as if he got most of it out.  
Way to go uncle Sean!! And lesson learned? Don't stick it in your ear if it is smaller than your elbow. 

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Alysha Sladek said...

oh no!!!!! that's awful. So glad you had Sean to help!