Wednesday, June 10

Polishing it off

After spending two days in Orlando we headed out to the beach for a nice relaxing few days.
we went to a place called Siesta Keys and it was beautiful! The sand was gorgeous and soft and white. The water was perfectly clear and the most beautiful color of green and blue. It was very very hot and we all got a little bit burned. 
We stayed about a 30 sec walk away from the beach in a little tiny Beach Hotel resort. They were itty-bitty rooms with the bed, table, and a full-size kitchen. Nowhere to sit though so one night we decided to watch a movie we all got cozied up on the bed and stuffed our faces with junk. Again aren't holidays all about food? 
We rented a paddleboard and had fun laughing at each other falling and trying to figure that out. We went on morning runs along the beach and had a good workout. We went out for fondue one night and the waiter knew we were celebrating our 10 year anniversary. He ended up bringing us champagne to toast. We laughed and told him that none of us drink, but he proceeded to tell us that it's just a little and it won't hurt us. We laughed and just give a little toast and I'm sure he was bugged that none of us drank it!
We found a great ice cream parlor down along the beach and just had so much fun relaxing together. 
The vacation came to an end and although I missed my kids and was anxious to get home, especially because I knew my mom was tired from watching the kids, I didn't wanted to end! I truly love the tradition that we have of going somewhere new together each year to celebrate our anniversary. I would highly recommend it to any newlyweds or people who are looking for a new tradition to start.
I love my hubby and I'm so grateful for 10 wonderful years that we have been able to spend together. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can't imagine life any other way.


aidanjordan said...

You guys are so cute! Happy 10 years!

Alysha said...

I love your tradition!! So awesome. And it looks gorgeous there. Happy 10 years!