Monday, June 8

10 years and 10 trips

This year ten year anniversary for Brian and I was spent in Orlando. We've never gone with any other couple before but this year John and Emma were also celebrating their 10 year so we went together.

We started the trip out right and headed to the Orlando Temple. It was a beautiful temple inside and out and a perfect day. Supposedly every day around 4 o'clock it rains there. The skies were blue but it was raining. It was the craziest thing.

A trip with the Rawlins would not be complete with lots of eating out and lots of delicious food. We went out to the best barbecue place and then out for some really good deep dish Chicago style pizza.
We stayed in a resort for two nights in Orlando and had a lot of fun hanging out by the pool, walking around, working out, and relaxing. 
The first night there we went down to downtown Disney walking around trying on hats in the hat shop, windowshopping, and eating Gherridellis  ice cream Sundays!

The next day we woke up and headed into Universal Studios and Harry Potter world. That was the only thing park we decided to go to because it had Harry Potter world. Frozen butter beer was worth it! It was so delicious. We went into olivanders wand shop and got some wands. We went on a couple of rides, and checked out The candy shop and everything else there. It was a super fun day!
Both nights we stayed up until about midnight at the adult pool and hot tub just relaxing.
The next two days of our trip will be in the next post…

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Alysha said...

Ahhh I LOVE Harry Potter World and am dying to see the new part of it!! These pics make me want to go back sooooo badly!!! I'm glad you guys went. And seriously, frozen butter beer is DELICIOUS!!