Monday, June 15


Over the last year, Brian and my brother Brian have both been working hard to train for IRONMAN Texas 2015. Loads of hours have been spent training and working towards this.
Team IRON BRIAN Tshirts were ordered and we were ready to go! Last minute swims in a flooded Lake Lewisville happened and even a case of HAND FOOT AND MOUTH disease from Poppy and Boots just as we were leaving town. But none of this was going to stop us from going!!

 We went out for dinner a few times before the race and walked around the race site down in the Woodlands, TX. A little Swimming in the hotel pool, getting race gear all set up, family and friends arrived, and at last it was time to race!!

 7am was race start and so we were down there to see the boys off. Robin, Dad, Mom, and the kids and I were all there and were all getting a little emotional as they took off at the gun shot. down the canal and on their way we watched so many thousands of swimmers and competitors on their way. We were so anxious and excited for the boys and Dad could barely contain himself!!

 FINALLY after a few more family members arrived, Brian came out of the water and headed to transition after about 1:17 min of swimming. Brother Brian was close behind, by about 30 minutes. The gap closed up some in transition as Brian took about 30 minutes to get ready for the bike. Then they both headed out of the bikes, Brian still little ahead of Brother Brian.

FINALLY After hours and hours... Cheesecake factory, I had to bring my computer and work on contracts for some clients, Nana brought all the kids to a movie, and we shopped around the mall some, we were ready to head back to see them come in. It had been hours and Brother Brian came in first, with Brian behind. Brothers bike had gone funky and crooked on him during the last portion of the bike, and Brians legs started to cramp up with about 40 miles left. I asked him what he did when they started to cramp and he said he hopped off the bike to stretch them out. When he got off his bike he immediately knew it was a mistake and he could do nothing but scream. So then he completed the bike in pain.
Heading out onto the run he stopped in the medic tent for some salt shots and some rub downs. As we followed their paces, we were able to see them along the trail and cheer for them. I know they were both in pain and just trying to complete the race. Brian made a few more stops in the medical tents until he realized there wasn't anything they could do for him. Speed walking they both continued on. Brian was behind by about 8-15 minutes up until the end of the marathon when he took the lead and just couldn't slow his roll. He was in a groove and although we all wanted them to finish together, we knew that neither of them could get out of their groove.

Finally here we are just after 1030pm and waiting at the finish line for the boys who could be coming through any minute.
Brian came around was so excited to see us, giving high fives and smiling, not knowing that he still had to make a round to come to the finish... he wasn't happy he had taken the extra energy to give high fives. haha.
 He finished at 15:47 minutes and Brian was a few minutes behind him. I followed Brian up the ramp with Natalie and Boots in tow running to catch up. Brian was clearly in pain and exhausted but he took a minute to come to the side we were on after going through the finish to give us a sweaty hello and hug. He was then rushed off to the medical tent where we didn't see him again for hours.

After Brother came through he was able to sit and eat for a while until he knew he also had to go inside the tent for medical attention.
Brian got 2 bags of IV fluid and was finally sent out and was the complete last racer to leave the race. We were literally the only ones there and they were taking tents down when we got him into the car. The kids had gone home to the hotel with Nana and so I was waiting with my dad for the 2 racers. We loaded up and headed back to the hotel. I basically stood hunched over in the car the whole way back as my breath and body heat were driving Brian crazy. After back, I helped him get a quick bath and he fell into bed. His entire body had been cramping the entire marathon and he was completely exhausted, could barely move.

 We were so grateful for all of the support of Family and Friends that came out to help to cheer him on. I know he appreciated it so much and so did I. I am so proud of Brian and Brian and think they are amazing. Brian Rawlins, you are an IRONMAN! Brian Miller, you are an IRONMAN!

Brian my husband and stated he will never ever do one again. Ever.

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