Tuesday, May 26

Things I always want to remember

I don't like to keep a lot of the kids school work around and either does Brian. He likes to throw it away the second he gets a chance. I try to hold on and keep a little bit in a memory book for them. I had to take a picture of these though. It has been learning all about Texas and specifically about animals. He has taken quite a liking to the armadillo. I don't remember if I already blogged this story about boots but him and Brian were driving the other day and Brian asked him what his favorite animal was. He responded that it was a turtle and then promptly he said wait, unless you're talking about and Texas native animal then it's an armadillo! This was some of his homework that I brought home from school the other day and I couldn't stop laughing at this. He had typed it up on the computer all by himself and his teacher printed it for him.
I have also try to get Natalie writing and reading more and getting her creative juices flowing. This was a story that she had started to write about horses. I thought it was quite cute.
There's something about sleeping kids that is just best. We have been experiencing lots and lots of storms in our area so the kids have frequently been scared and wanted to sleep in our room. Lots of tornado warnings and tornado sirens as well as thunderstorms and heavy rain. One of these nights I actually pulled the kids out of bed because I was scared. We snuggled close with them that night and I couldn't help but take sweet pictures of them sleeping.

Lately we have been taking a lot of pictures either on the way to church, on the way home from church, or sneaking pictures in church. They are silly selfies that we send it to our friends the Langston's. But I think they are pretty cute and I always want to remember how my darling little children looked at church. They know that it is one of those days that we always dress up and they don't fight it anymore. I should not say that, they always fight it but they know that that's what happens on Sundays.

I wish I could just bottle up my kids right now with how young and sweet and innocent they are. They are growing up too fast. Even poppy who is six months old is just starting to sit up and rolls around the room when you let her down. Courtney is the same size as boots and Natalie who is only eight years old is wearing a size women's six in shoes and a size 10 girls. She is so tall and huge feet!!

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