Tuesday, May 26

Momma day

Mother's Day is such a wonderful day. I feel like I don't need a special day to tell my mom and my mother-in-law would amazing women they are though. Going right along with that I feel like my husband and kids tell me each and every day what a great mom I am. Sure I have my doubts just as any woman I presume, but I know deep down inside I am the best mom for my kids.

Let me just start by saying that I am the luckiest girl and daughter in the whole world. I was blessed with the most amazing mother one could ask for. He truly is one of my very best friends and she is so dear to my heart. I see myself in her so much especially as I get older. Some of the traits and characteristics aren't the greatest, like memory loss and anxiety while others are some of my best traits. She is loving, kind, forgiving, funny, beautiful, Christlike, and the list could go on and on for pages. She was almost taken from this earth last summer and I really could not imagine my life without her in it. I'm so blessed that she was able to stay longer and we can enjoy her so much! I am so grateful that I was able to experience what I did with my mom last summer because it brought me so much closer to her than I could've ever imagined. 
I also feel so blessed to have four beautiful healthy children. They make me so incredibly happy. I never thought I wanted for kids, until I got four kids. They are the best blessing. Poppy especially has been the biggest thing in our home over the last six months. They make me so frustrated but they also make me so happy. They bring tears of joy and tears of sorrow. Children really bring on every emotion and feeling you could possibly feel. They also let you experience and unselfish love like no other. There is nothing like getting up in the middle of the night over and over and over again with a sick child, or a scared child, or a child who has wet the bed, or anything else that can wake a kid up. Their little personalities are so contagious! I can't believe my father in heaven has trusted me to raise these four beautiful souls.
Then there is the other beautiful mother in my life. My mother-in-law. If you simply look at her four sons, you know what an amazing woman she is. The fact that she raised four boys is an amazing accomplishment. But she raised for wonderful boys, not average but well above. I only have to put up with one of them but she put up with all four for so many years! It only took her having them all get Maren to get her four daughters as well. She is so loving and thoughtful, and beautiful inside and out. I really lucked out with the best mother-in-law!

Just to make sure Mother's Day was extra exciting, we were sitting in the middle of church. I was teaching my 16 and 17-year-old Sunday school class. All of a sudden everybody's phone started vibrating and beeping. It was a tornado warning that was going off. A tornado had touchdown right close to the church, probably about 5 miles north. The warning on our phones was telling us to take cover. It was right before class ended so as soon as it did we went outside and saw this forming in the clouds. A giant circular cloud formation. It was very scary!

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Anna@Exasperation said...

I love this post. You're such a great mama! And you were blessed with an amazing mama and mother-in-law. I agree that we lucked out big time with TBull. That lady is the best.
AND HOLY CRAP. I remember seeing that picture on your phone, but you couldn't see the detail. THAT CLOUD IS ROTATIONAL. Freak. Me. Out.
What a memorable mother's day!