Monday, May 11

Hot date

Poppy went on her first date. We are arranging a marriage between her and little Crew Fujikawa. They're pretty much in love. It's fun to see them so close in age and I love when baby boys are naturally more masculine than the baby girls! We went out to whiskey cake which is a restaurant here in town. It was just okay. We have heard so many rave reviews about this place and I have been now three times and have never been super impressed. It's good food and really cool Decour but not my favorite. The company was definitely the highlight of the night!

 A new furniture store also just opened called Nebraska furniture Mart. It is enormous! We decided to take a date night to go and explore. There is everything you can even imagine there. We spent some time in the massage chairs, and just goofing around. We went with our friends Lindy and Ryan Langston and had such a fun night.
Lastly I had the most fun on the special date this week. Stephen has been doing so good in school and has been such a good happy helper at home that I decided to treat him to a date out with mom. I took him out of school early and we went to Chuys for lunch, which was obviously delicious. Then we had it all the way downtown to go watch the musical "newsies". Insisted on getting a newsies hat and wouldn't take it off the whole rest of the evening! We had a lot of fun other than the fact that I had to sit beside a six-year-old boy who kept passing gas the entire time. Finally I called him out on it and told him to stop farting because he was so smelly. He might smell but he sure is sweet!

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