Saturday, January 3

Watching out

Summer and poppy are becoming quick friends. They are very sweet when we put them together. Summer stares off at poppy whenever we lay them down side-by-side. They are both growing so quickly.

Poppy is seven weeks this weekend is just starting to smile, two, and make better eye contact. 
She is now 100% formula fed as I have decided to stop nursing. Since she was having a hard time gaining weight before we left for Canada, I was pumping my milk and bottlefeeding her. I guess I slacked a little pumping in Canada and I slowly started to dry out. So I decided to just go cold turkey over the last three days and stop altogether. For some reason breast-feeding gives me anxiety and I already have some relief having stopped. I love it and I know that it's the best thing for the baby, however sometimes you need to look at what is best for mom. She got seven weeks of breast milk and I think that is all the best stuff! I don't feel bad for stopping other than the fact that know her poop stinks from being formula fed.
She is such a sweet happy little person to have in our home and we all love her so much. The kids fight over who gets to hold her and who gets to help soothe her when she is sad. It might be clichĂ© to say but I can't imagine life without her! 

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