Tuesday, January 20

Getting around town.

I feel like we have been here there and everywhere. Last weekend we had Trotter insurance group's Christmas party. This is our third Christmas party in a row where there have been other employees now instead of just Brian and I. This year we decide to go out for Brazilian and had Fogo de chao and wow is it one of my favorite restaurants ever. We sure love Kris and Janie and know what an important part of Trotter insurance group they are. It also reminds me how proud of Brian I am for working so hard for his own company.
The next night we went out with Brian's family to celebrate Eric and Anna's birthdays. We went to a delicious restaurant called Kenny's smokehouse. There are several Kenny's restaurants in the area. There's a burger place, smokehouse which is barbecue, woodfired Grill which is a little fancier, and Italian. They are all exceptional. Then we headed on over to play whirly ball. I had never played this game before but it is so much fun and we will definitely go back again. You ride around in bumper cars and play on two teams trying to get the ball on your back aboard. It's like bumper car basketball but instead of the basketball you use the little plastic lacrosse type net. So really it's nothing like basketball. But it is so much fun!
Brian's family is also awesome which made the whole night fun. We feel very very lucky at all four brothers and all four sister-in-law's get along perfectly. We had our cousins Brandon and Danielle tagalong as well. 

I decided that I am going to take the kids all out on special dates with mom. I started with boots and took him downtown to the stars game. Boots had so much fun. There was a group of about six moms and we all took our sons. They had a blast!

I can't post any more blog posts without including poppy. She is the light of my life in such a wonderful blessing. I know I keep saying that but she seriously is so precious.

On Sunday there was a lesson on prayer. It was from the Ezra Taft Benson manual and it was a wonderful lesson. I felt very emotional through the whole thing as I thought about what prayer has done in my life. 
As I think about this often, I thought about the summer with my mom. I thought about the power of prayer in numbers and house so many hundreds of prayers were said in my mom's behalf. There were prayers said for my mom and prayers said for our family and I can tell you that we truly felt the power of this prayer. We were comforted and were able to witness a miraculous miracle. I love the Gospel and the knowledge that my heavenly father is there to listen to me and answer my prayers and bring me comfort whenever I need it.

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