Monday, November 25

My talents

 I am really proud if this girl - she has been saving her money for months, probably over a year. The other day at Costco she say a white tiger and knew she had to have it. She came home, counted her money and today we went off on the hunt for the tiger at Costco. We got it at the second one we went to. She counted out her 17$ quarters, pennies, nickels and dimes. She lives her new tiger angel snow Rawlins. 

Most importantly.... Real conversation between Natalie and I:

Mom - "Natalie, your outfit is really cute!"
Natalie- "ya mom, my talents are fancy, artist, and spy...I'm a really good spy."


Anna@Exasperation said...

Sweet SPY! love that girl.

Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

What a cutie! It is so funny to see what kids decide to spend their money on. Brinley has been saving ever since we got her a piggy bank and she bought Candy Land. Ya, we've only played it maybe 10 times since she bought it. She doesn't even think about it now. She's more mad that she doesn't have a full piggy now!

Kelly said...

Natalie reminds me of Kate....white tiger and all. Kate named hers snowflake. :)