Monday, December 3

Number 4

Teeth. Natalie lost her 4th tooth today. Last week was number 3 and it was no big deal. This was one of her two front teeth, both of which have been loose. It started bleeding today so I made her lay down and I flossed it out. She screamed, but it was all worth it. I think it was more the anticipation of it all, rather than it really hurting her!
Court just wanted to get in on the picture taking action. I asked her to go stand beside the Christmas tree, so she went back behind it and made this face... Cheesy little Girl. My favorite thing about her this week is her "please please please please can I have...(fill in the blank)" She uses please excessively and it is so darling!!


BrittanyB said...

You were totally trying to mess with people on that title. And I fell for it.

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

DonT tease me. I did not think this post was going to be about TEETH!!!!

You are such a hot mom. Where do you shop? I love your style.

Alysha said...

crazy! Liv still hasn't lost any

Dan Miller said...

I want to see your Xmas tree. are you going to put more decorations on it?