Sunday, December 9

Making appearances

Run down of life at the rawlberry patch...
Meet Elfie Nick. He came to our family several years ago and has been a fun little addition to the family. THIS year he has gotten into some rotten mischief though and the kids are dying! He's made messes with toilet paper, flour, gotten caught in jars, knives, and even up in the chandelier. The other day he was on the mantle and the kids were really disappointed that that was it! He has some more ideas up his sleeve I am sure...
I am really proud of Natalie. She has worked really hard at school and I can tell a huge difference in her from when she started school. Educationally, she is reading great! She can sound our lots of words that aren't too long, and although she still gets frustrated, she gets through it and can read! I love seeing how accomplished she feels when she does it! The other day I got an email to come to the assembly they do once a month. The acknowledge kids each month for difference awards, and each month there is a girl and boy who are athlete of the month from the whole school... well, it was Natalie this month. I know, she is in kindergarten, but I am so proud of her. Coach says she works really hard and mastered all of the PE skills that they learn. Way to go athlete of the month!!
Trotter Insurance group has been a company for 5 years now, but this year was the first year that another employee has been hired on. We love her so much and she is wonderful! So this was the FIRST Trotter Insurance Christmas Party! We went out to eat at a new fancy place. Unfortunately Brian and I have both not been feeling well. Brian has been having some not so fun headaches, and I have been really under the weather with a cold that never seems to go away. So we didn't enjoy our food or the night out. But the company was great and we enjoyed the creme brule!
Then one of the sweet Young Women, Leiandie, that I taught at church several years ago got married on Saturday. She was beautiful and I am so glad that a bunch of us leaders were able to be there for her big day! It was fun to see her make such a righteous choice, but also to see my sweet friends who I love so so much.
Lastly, nothing melts my heart like sibling love. They are all cuddled up on my bed watching a movie together. I cant imagine life without them, and life when they are grown up. please let me can this moment and never open in again.
I have so much to be thankful for...Happy Sunday!


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