Tuesday, December 4

Big plans

This last weekend was a very eventful weekend around here! My parents flew in for 1night and 2 days and we got to see them just for a moment it feels like. We celebrated Brayden turning 8 and getting baptised!!! The next day was little Nina was blessed. She looked beautiful even if her dress was covered in glitter, therefore covering me in glitter. She is lucky we love her!
It was a short and fun weekend. We fit in time to listen to Drews choir at Merry Main St, go to a Legends basketball game, eat a lot, and just hang out.
I have to share 2 funny things that my girls have said over the last few days:
we were walking the other day and Natalie was finished a sucker. She then looked at the stick and acted as if it was the end of the world to hold onto it till we got home. She then asked me "Mom, could I please just glitter?" It took me a second to understand what she was saying and after having her repeat it several times, some of which was because it was just so stinkin cute, I figured out that she thinks littering is called glittering. I, of course, told her that we do not glitter.
Courtney also tried to say something that she has learned from us. She was sitting at the table today eating an yogart when a fly landed right beside her on a chair. She started to wimper, yes she is scared of any bug especially flies, and then she screamed "SHOOT! SHOOT!" over and over. Now she repeats everything she says over and over so I honestly didn't even pay attention to it, until I finally zoned into Courtney land and heard her saying shoot! I asked her what was the matter and she told me there was a bug! It landed again right on her yogart and the crying began again, followed by SHOOT SHOOT!! I didn't have the heart to tell the sweet girl that it is actually SHOO that I am saying.

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Dan Miller said...

are those boobs on the cake with the CTR? ha ha