Wednesday, November 9


We are sick.

In the last few weeks we have been through croup, Ear infections, pink eye, and strep throat. My Dr is sick of seeing us, and really going in multiple times in the week for multiple things is really pathetic. I have had headaches, but lucky for me that is the worst of me. The only thing worse than a sick kid, is having 3 of them passing snot and slobber all over each other. One word DISINFECT please!!
On a much brighter note, we have been prepping for Thanksgiving. We are hosting the family this year and we also have decided it is the year to start the fried turkey tradition. Its juicy, its super fast and hello... its fried! So we did a trial and it turned out superb! Now I'm even more excited for Thanksgiving to come to eat eat eat till my belly is full of turkey and gravy. The only problem is the place settings and decor. I have no FALL decor and really want something on the tables that is EASY and inexpensive. ANY IDEAS?!?! PLEASE I am desperate.

We, as in the whole extended fam, like to get together for fun and always for food. This last week the piano was involved and the mood was set for some lovin', Dancin', and swinging of the arms. Embarrassing for them? Maybe. But I had to catch it, and post it!
COURTNEY - Ever since this little one has started to walk, which has been the last 2 weeks, she has gotten a lot more curious and bold. She will climb onto chairs, beds, and apparently fireplaces. Good thing we don't actually burn fires in ours! She is turning into a little girl version of Boots. I don't know if I can handle another one like that!! The good news for her is that her iron levels were low for a few months and after working really hard to remember to give her her supplement daily, her levels are back up. I hate feeling stressed about making sure they are healthy. Really I am so grateful for healthy kids. I mean, yeah they have croup or pink eye or a cold, but I will take that any day! They are so healthy and happy. Especially Courtney, our VERY healthy and plump eater!


Originally we had some friends over and it just so happened that they have all girls, so play turned to dress up, pink, and princesses. Boots started out as the prince, escorting, marrying, and just being the only boy. Soon things started to change a little... he felt left out and just wanted to join in, he ran in right as I was fixing to take the picture of the girls fully clothed in princess dress and tiara.

Brian cooks around here most of the time I would say. This is partly because he is better and partly because I am lazy... and he is better. So the other night he made steak and it was so great. Our kids all are meat lovers and when there is medium cooked steak up for grabs, they are the first to take fourths and fifths. Well there must have been a miscommunication with what it is called because boots kept asking for "mistake" or should I say misteak. haha

And as I am listening to him play in his room right now I can hear him singing. Usually there are kid songs coming out of his mouth but today it was "say you, say me. Say it for always, that's the way it should be." perfect spot on. over and over. That kid is classic.


Alysha said...

I looooove fried turkey. Soooo good and I love how fast it is. Now I want to celebrate American Thanksgiving so I can do it ;)
Hope you all are feeling better soon. We've been sick for the last couple weeks too and it's exhausting!

Wiseguys said...

1) Jax has the same sweatshirt as boots.

2) Jax also LOVES dressing up in girl clothes, but only when there are girls over. The rest of the time he's a pirate or something related to that.

3) when are we getting these boys together. I feel like they were made for each other. Playdate? Next week?

Anna@Exasperation said...

Sorry we got you sick. :( Bummer. Did your other kids get it?
This time of year + toddlers + school age kids = allthetimesick. Hate. Of course, when we were at the doc this morning I look down from talking to her and there's Haley laying FACE down on the dirtiest, germiest floor in the history of floors. Just pressing her sweet little cheek to the ground. And I wonder why they're sick all the time!
Hope you all feel better soon. You were MISSED last night for sure.

Heather said...

Deep Fried Turkey IS the best. If you want some fall decor ideas that are cheap, check out the "Turkey Flowers" at
They seemed like they'd be reasonably cheap and easy.
We're already looking at decorating for Christmas...time to put all things orange and brown away and pull out the green and red.