Wednesday, November 2

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is not a good day to start a new diet. Actually the whole week is a bad week to start. You will be eating the candy and sneaking it past the kids. For whatever reason it is OK for the mom and dad to have as much as we like of it, but the kids are so limited to what they are allowed to eat.
One reason I justify not letting the kids eat as much as they want is the lack of normal food that my son consumes in a day. Today, before dinner, he had eaten 1 yogurt. He spread it out throughout the day and finally finished it right before dinner. He only did it because he wanted a piece of bubblegum. That kid, I don't get him and food. It is a battle every single day!

SOOO, Halloween this year was great. We usually always go to grandma and grandpa's house for a quick dinner then on to trick or treating with the kids. They totally loved it and we went out for about an hour and a half. They carried their own heavy bags and there was little complaining.
Although we were all bugs for our earlier trunk or treat, the kids wanted to dig through the dress up box for a new costume. Natalie was a bride and Stephen was last years pirate. We spunked it up a little since he has a new found love for Jack Sparrow. Thanks to an old blond wig and a little black paint, he got a little jack sparrowed!

Olivia and Avree were so adorable in their thing 1 and thing 2 costumes that Kathleen just happened to throw together! Somehow I slipped not getting the other kids in their getups. I just love that kids transform and think they are what they are dressed up as. I did get the group shot of all the cousins.

After the big dump out, sorting, and eating way too much candy, we watched a little Cat and the Hat cuddled up with Daddy. It was a great day! Love days spent doing fun things with family.

So just a side note about Natalie, she has been attending preschool twice a week and is loving it. I just started her in a little extended program which keeps her an additional hour each time she is there for help on her letters. She really has a hard time with them and she does not learn well from me. She gets real frustrated and mad whenever I try to work with her, so I hope this works better. She is so smart and sharp, just letters and numbers are not her thing. Not so good when you are preparing to start kindergarten!

And nothing like ending the post with a BOOTS story. Tonight after soccer we were on our way home and he was complaining about red stuff on him. When we stopped the car and got out, I noticed that red stuff was blood all over his hands. I had a moment of panic, until I noticed the blood coming out of his nose. I said "Boots, stop picking your nose!" He quickly responded how he always does with a whinny "OK! Im not mom!". Sorry bud, you cant hide it from me. The proof is all over your fingertips! haha


Meagan said...

Cute costumes!!! Your son....oh my goodness. His stories are more and more outrageous!!! Natalie is so adorable. I can't wait to get Brinley into a pre-k/joy school thing....I need some time away from her during the day that is NOT nap time!

Kelly said...

whenever my kids struggle...I think about Albert Einsteins quote about how everyone is a genious, you can spend a lifetime teaching a fish to climb, but he'll never get it. This reminds me that everyone stuggles, but that we all can do something really good and special. ...I love finding what my kids are good at and praising them for that. I think you are great at finding those things in your kiddos too.

Kelly said...'s the real quote
“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
― Albert Einstein